Top Tips For A Successful Birthday Party

Top Tips For A Successful Birthday Party Ensuring that your child experiences a memorable birthday party is always at the top of your priority list as a parent. Granted, social media pressures have only increased the need to pull off a successful party. However, the key to an unforgettable birthday party is prior planning and organisation. Pre-planning and organization do not … Read More

A magical week

Puppet Skills Wow what a busy week. Friday I spent the morning using my puppet skills for a large Pharmaceutical company, the company are making video’s for children who use feeding tubes and these videos are being shown to children using the latest Augmented Reality technology, the video’s look great. Basically you point your phone on a card and the … Read More

School Show Magic

Magician for Schools

Magician for Schools I LOVE performing in Schools.   I have been entertaining children now for 30 years and it still amazes me that, at the end of a show, people ask me “Do I perform my show in Schools?” Are you kidding me? I LOVE performing in Schools. The conditions are perfect. The children sit in an orderly fashion in straight … Read More

Once I have booked a magic show, what happens next?

Once I have booked a magic show, what happens next? Congratulations and thank you for booking a magic show. What happens next? I get asked a lot about this. How does the party run? What time do you arrive etc? Find the answer to these question and more below… I provide my own sound system and microphone with up to date music, … Read More

Hello World

Hello. Thought I would give you a quick update on what has been going on, in my crazy world of magic and ventriloquism. I have had my busiest summer ever with Library shows, end of term School shows, outdoor events including Newton Town Show. Met some amazing people and caught up with some familiar faces. I have entertained at a … Read More

New puppet character…

Magician, children's magician, children's entertainer, magic, puppets

My brand new puppet character was made by Phil Fletcher, who operates Hacker the Dog on CBBC, Phil has made puppets for me in the past and I’m always pleased with his work. I have also introduced some new magic into the show. I have had new flyers and banners designed to give the show a fresh look. If you … Read More

Lovely weekend of magic shows

Magic Had a really lovely weekend of shows. A Harry Potter themed party in Warrington for 7 year olds, Molly and Grace and a magic themed birthday party in Liverpool for Holly’s 5th Birthday. Yesterday I entertained at a Christening for Charlotte and what a lovely audience they were, all the adults watching and joining in, I love family shows. … Read More

This video will melt your heart

Baby Chimpanzee. I love kids, but I have always  had a love of nature. Last year I adopted and ape called Shufai from a brilliant charity organisation called “Ape Action Africa”, they are a non profit group that rescue orphaned or injured primates. Check out this amazing video to see the work they do and fall in love with this … Read More

Tips for a successful children’s party

Tips for a Successful Children’s Birthday Party.   How many children should I invite? A rule, often ignored, is the birthday age plus one, so for a four year old, five guests. It’s difficult though when your child is in a class of 26-30 children. A nice number is 15-20 rather than getting carried away and inviting 50-60 children, the … Read More

11 Things you may not know about me

11 things you may not know about me. I cant swim (well not very well). I have a fear of heights but managed to walk to the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge I used to be short sited but had laser eye surgery about 15 years ago. I love coffee, never drink tea unless offered at a booking. It took … Read More