How lucky am I?

First of all, I can’t believe this year marks 32 years of being a professional children’s entertainer.

It’s been great to entertain at Central Library Liverpool this year. A lot of children came back each time to watch the shows. I also got to meet some of my lovely past clients and chat to their children. This month is so busy this year with lots of magic shows to perform and December is almost fully booked.

Note to self:  I must get all my presents wrapped and the tree up, before the busiest season of the year kicks off.

Yesterday I entertained for Salford Adoption Services and met some really lovely children looking for adoptive parents. I am tempted to adopt some of the children myself and as a result realised how lucky most of the children who I normally entertain are.

It was great to see the children laughing and interacting with the other adults in the room. It’s times like these that I feel very lucky to be doing the job I do.

By coincidence this weekend my partner found some old School photo’s on Facebook and enjoyed looking back and remembering the names of the other children in class, the Teachers and also seeing what some of theses children were now doing in their grown up lives. Who would have guessed that this shy kid would end up performing shows for a living.

Thank you all for the lovely reviews and for just being such nice people. Feeling very thankful. Oh and a big thank you to my parents who put up with my hobby for all those years.

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