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Magician for Schools

Magician for Schools

I LOVE performing in Schools.


I have been entertaining children now for 30 years and it still amazes me that, at the end of a show, people ask me “Do I perform my show in Schools?” Are you kidding me? I LOVE performing in Schools.

The conditions are perfect. The children sit in an orderly fashion in straight rows, the teachers supervise the children as they watch, leaving me to concentrate on giving the best show I can. The children love to join in, they love to help out and I have had some of my best reaction to my magic in Schools. Their is nothing better than listening to 100-200 children laugh and gasp at the routines and effects, it gives me a real buzz.

The show can build confidence, encourage creativity and best of all create a fun environment in which to learn.

Another great reason for entertaining in Schools is that they are usually mid week and I would love to have a weekend off, just once.

I also remember the very first magician I saw was in School and although this was more than 30 years ago I can still remember the tricks and some of the patter, it had that much of an effect on me. I remember the magician asking if anyone else in School would like to be a  magician and of course everyones hands went up in the air. I still can’t believe this is what I get to do for a living.

If you can think of any School that is looking for something different, please mention my name and pass on my details.

Perfect for Schools

The Magic Show is perfect for Schools, whether it’s an end of term treat, a reward for good behaviour, a reading programme, theme or a PTA fundraiser.

I get booked again and again by Schools and PTA Groups. The children and teachers will love the magic, audience participation and unique puppets. Some of my School including Bolton School have had me back year after year and some for more than 19 years.

The show is suitable for Key Stage 1 & 2. Some Schools have two different shows for the different age groups.Magic & Puppets

  • Magic
  • Puppets
  • Ventriloquism
  • Plate Spinning

To see more details of the services I provide in Schools check out this page.

Paul Storey Magic & Puppets


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