28 years of performing magic

Wow its warm and I have never been so busy. I had some of the nicest children for a long time last week, five Birthday Parties and then a late spot at a Holiday Park in Wales on Sunday night. What a lovely lovely crowd and lovely entertainment staff, I felt sorry for the girl who had to dress in a Bear costume and dance on stage. Something happened at the Nursery in Worsley, where I have been doing shows for about ten years today. All the children were laughing and enjoying the show, but one child (Seb) caught my attention because he never stopped beaming through the whole show, like it was the first live show he ever saw and it made me realise how much I love entertaining children and how much it can mean to them.

I still remember watching my first magic show in School, I was only about 8, I can still remember the buzz around the School and still remember some of his magic tricks, one of which was the colour changing handkerchief, that I perform in my shows today. He asked if anyone in the audience wanted to be a magician and of course everyones hand went up in the air, little did I realise that this would be my chosen career. July is the month that I celebrate being a full time professional magician for 28 years! How time flies when your having fun.

Well magic all packed and ready for my Family Fun Day in Wrexham all day tomorrow. Thanks for reading, remember to like my facebook page Have a great week.

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