Lovely weekend of magic shows


Had a really lovely weekend of shows. A Harry Potter themed party in Warrington for 7 year olds, Molly and Grace and a magic themed birthday party in Liverpool for Holly’s 5th Birthday.

Birthday party for children

Holly’s cake

Yesterday I entertained at a Christening for Charlotte and what a lovely audience they were, all the adults watching and joining in, I love family shows. Thanks Katherine for the photo’s.

Christening, family show, children's entertainment

Charlottes Christening.

Exhausted today so decided to have a break from the gym. Last year I was managing 5 days a week, that’s the great thing about my job, having time off in the week. Spent time working on my web site…again. So much to learn.

Had a lovely walk in the woods this morning with Dexter our Labradoodle. Birds singing and making nests already. Is Spring just around the corner? Had a lovely long talk with my cousin in Texas, it’s been 10 years since I visited, I really need to get over and see my family.



I also practiced some coin magic today. I think I need to set myself a goal of entering a close-up magic competition, nothing like a deadline.

Well dinner is ready and the fire is lit, so see you soon.

Take care.


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