Once I have booked a magic show, what happens next?

show lymmOnce I have booked a magic show, what happens next?

Congratulations and thank you for booking a magic show.

What happens next?

I get asked a lot about this. How does the party run? What time do you arrive etc? Find the answer to these question and more below…

I provide my own sound system and microphone with up to date music, plate spinning, stickers, prizes, snow machine, happy birthday music, a lighter for the cake and of course my own magic & unique puppets for a truly fantastic birthday party.

As soon as you book your entertainment, you will receive an online confirmation, you can check the details and confirm online. You will receive party tips and suggestions via email. You will receive an email a few days before your party confirming the venue and time of your event.

On the day of the party I will arrive 25 minutes early to set up and greet the birthday child. As the guests arrive they will be greeted with music, party dancing and plate spinning. About 15 minutes into the party the children sit on the floor for the magic & puppet show.

The show itself last 45 minutes and contains, lots of magic, audience participation and if your child would like to get involved they can come up and help out with some tricks in the show. You will hear lots of laughs from the children and gasps at the magic tricks. The children love the puppets that help out too, a little boy puppet called Ed and a dog named Dillon. The birthday child will receive some balloon sculptures and magic wand for helping out. You are welcome to take as many photo’s as you like during the show. An hour into the party and the children break for food and drinks and then sing happy birthday. The party food normally takes about 20 minutes.

After the food it’s more non elimination games, party dancing, snow machine for a fun packed party. At the end of the party the children line up for the party bags, sweet cones or birthday cake to take home. Every child gets a coloured postcard of the puppets as a memento of a great party. Want some tips on running a successful party?

I hope you found the information useful. Please get in touch if you need any more advice paul.storey@me.com


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