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Party Tips…for a Successful Children’s Birthday Party.

  • How many children should I invite?

A rule, often ignored, is the birthday age plus one, so for a four year old, five guests. It’s difficult though when your child is in a class of 26-30 children. A nice number is 15-20 rather than getting carried away and inviting 50-60 children, the birthday child will just be overwhelmed with so many attending.

  • What’s the best age for a Birthday Party?

Once a child reaches their fourth birthday party, they can appreciate the entertainment, the cake, friends and presents. If your going to hold a party for under four’s make it a fun party, very relaxed, try not to make a big fuss of the birthday boy or girl and have them getting upset, when all they really want to do is sleep.

  • Party Entertainer or Bouncy Castle?

Throwing 30 screaming children onto a bouncy castle may seem like an easy party but you will have lots of tears, bumped heads and other injuries, I attended one party and the birthday child had been rushed off to casualty with a broken arm and missed most of the party.

  • Finding an entertainer.

If your going to book an entertainer, don’t make the mistake of booking the cheapest. If they are cheap their is a good reason for it. They may even let you down when a more lucrative job comes in. An experienced children’s entertainer is worth there weight in gold, they know how to interact with the different age groups, they will tailor the show for that age group, be reliable, professional, arrive early to set up and most of all give your child a party to remember for all the right reasons. Always try and go off a friends recommendation or make sure they are insured and have lots of testimonials.

  • Safety & Insurance

Make sure your entertainer has public liability insurance, they should have all electrical equipment PAT tested too, a requirement at a lot of venues. The CRB certificate has now been replace by a DBS certificate and should ensure that police checks have been carried out and your entertainer does not have a criminal record.

  • Have Fun

Remember to have fun. This should be an enjoyable day for everyone involved and create long happy memories for your child. The best thing you can hear from your child is “this is the best party ever!”

Thanks for reading and I hope you found the information useful. Paul Storey Magic & Puppets.

Party Tips by Paul Storey